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Therapeutic Uses For Colloidal Silver

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Silver, one of the most often used elements, played a therapeutic role in society for centuries and is still being used today in the form of colloidal silver.

Alternative medical treatments are hardly new in the world of healing and prevention. Long before modern antibiotics were introduced to market, a variety of plant, vitamin, and mineral products were used for effective and natural therapies. Today, with most of us taking for granted the pharmaceuticals we can get with one prescription, we often fail to remember those natural products that did the brunt of the work for generations.

The therapeutic uses for silver were discovered by ancient cultures that realized that it had the ability to act as a natural germ barrier. Long before refrigeration, silver containers were used to hold food and drink because of their ability to prevent spoilage and bacterial growth. Before long, liquid silver was being applied topically to treat burns and skin infections; and by the 1800s silver was a therapeutic staple, given orally to treat and prevent illness.

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The advent of modern antibiotics lessened the use of silver but its therapeutic benefits remained. Today, colloidal silver continues to be used as a preventative method for illness and disease. Microscopic particles of silver, once introduced to an electrical charge, become suspended in water. This liquid colloidal silver -- when applied topically and taken orally -- has an enormous impact on the body; boosting the immune system and ridding the body of unhealthy cells that can cause illness and disease.

To this end, colloidal silver has been used therapeutically to treat over 650 bacteria responsible for a variety of conditions; everything from acne and the common cold to hepatitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Because colloidal silver has been reduced to its smallest form it is able to work on behalf of the body's cells, supporting the work of the immune system and stopping damaging and sometimes deadly bacteria in their tracks.

While colloidal silver has come up against harsh criticism throughout the years, its benefits have held up under scrutiny. The cases where its usage has caused harm have been nearly entirely attributed to incorrect dosages and overuse.

As antibiotics face growing immunities and variant strains of bacteria and virus, they continue to be examined for their long-term effectiveness. Because colloidal silver in most cases has continued to be effectual in protecting against and treating all manner of microorganisms -- and the human body shows no signs of developing immunity against it -- such natural therapies will surely continue to be observed.



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