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Allergy Relief

Eating In Restaurants With Food Allergies

When you go to a restaurant or eat out are you worried about how much you eat or what is in your food? People who are worried about food allergy should be concerned what they can eat and what may be in their food. Particularly be careful about your children if your child is allergic to certain types of food.

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Common Allergy Tests Are Not Interchangeable

Data published in Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology revealed variations in the results of three common allergy diagnostic blood tests used to quantify sensitivities to allergens. The study, conducted by allergy specialists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, determined that the laboratory results from two other commercial tests for specific IgE were not equivalent to those measured by ImmunoCAP Specific IgE blood test.

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Pledge Catches Culprits In Dust That Cause Allergies

Sneezing, sniffling, coughing and wheezing -- spring allergy season has arrived. With asthma and allergies striking one in four Americans, now is the time to start dodging those allergy triggers lurking around your home. Now, just in time for warmer weather, SC Johnson reveals research that shows dusting with Pledge Furniture Polish and a cloth removes up to 84 percent of allergens from dust mites and pet dander found in dust.

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Doctors Should Consider Alternatives To Antibiotics For Sinusitis

When suffering through a sinus infection, many people ask for an antibiotic to speed their recovery. However, a recent review of clinical trials found that while antibiotics can provide minor improvements in uncomplicated sinusitis cases, most patients recover without the drugs within two weeks.

The health risks for the individual and society might override the benefits of antibiotics for people suffering with a simple sinus infection, according to authors led by Anneli Ahovuo-Saloranta of the Finnish Office for Health Technology.

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Keep An Eye On Allergies This Season

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from the miseries of allergies, with allergic reactions involving the eyes a common complaint. For many, symptoms of eye allergies can be so uncomfortable and irritating that they interfere with job performance, impede leisure-time and sports activities, and curtail vacations.

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