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Simple Steps To Allergy-Free Home

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Annually, allergies and asthma strike one out of every four Americans, causing untold suffering, sneezing and wheezing, as well as $6 billion in doctor visits and medication.

However, putting the right air treatment and cleaning strategies in place throughout your home can create a healthier living environment and help avoid allergy suffering, says Steven Hong, home health specialist and president of Sylvane.com.

Hong offers these practical tips for a healthier, happier, and allergen-free home:

-- Tackle Pollen -- As seasons change, the air becomes saturated with tiny airborne particles that trigger runny noses, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Eliminate these particles with an economical air purifier like the Alen Air Purifier.

-- Address Humidity -- Mold is a major cause of allergies. Prevent mold growth by keeping your home's relative humidity below 50%. An Energy Star-rated dehumidifier like the Comfort-Aire Dehumidifier will both control humidity and keep electric bills low.

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-- Keep Your Cool -- Stay cool this summer with an air conditioner that cools, dehumidifies, and filters the air -- rather than using fans which can re-circulate dust particles. Portable air conditioners offer the flexibility to be used in any room.

-- Clean Up After Fluffy -- Dog and cat dander is a major cause of allergies. To control, clean furniture, carpets, and floors regularly with a vacuum that features a built-in HEPA filter, like the Electrolux Vacuum.

-- Take the Bite Out of Dust -- Dust mites occur naturally in normal home dust and can be especially prevalent -- and allergy inducing -- in bedding. Deter dust mites with all-natural hypo-allergenic bedding, such as CottonFresh bedding.

-- Steam Up to Clean Up -- Steam cleaners are the ultimate indoor cleaning tool for hard surfaces, grout, upholstery and carpet -- as well as for addressing a host of allergy triggers, including: dust mites, mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria. The best steamers use absolutely no chemicals.

-- Remove the Smoke Screen -- Outdoor smoke and smog can infiltrate your home to affect your family. Monitor the quality of your indoor air with a laser particle counter.

-- Filter for Change -- Continue to breathe easy by keeping the filters clean in your home air treatment and cleaning equipment. Create a calendar noting when filters were last changed out and are due to be cleaned or replaced.

"With the right strategies in place anyone can easily create a healthy indoor environment. Plus, today's equipment offer energy-saving features with a relatively small financial investment -- making an allergen-free, happy home achievable for virtually anyone," said Hong.