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Allergy Treatment ZYRTEC Now Available Without Prescription

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ZYRTEC (cetirizine HCl), the number one prescribed allergy treatment in US, and ZYRTEC-D 12-HOUR, are now available without a prescription in stores nationwide. Allergy sufferers can now find ZYRTEC-D 12-HOUR and ZYRTEC in stores in the original prescription strength. ZYRTEC is a once-a-day medication for adults and children that provides 24 hour relief from the worst symptoms due to perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis, commonly referred to as indoor and outdoor upper respiratory allergies. ZYRTEC also relieves itching due to hives.

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"Physicians have been prescribing ZYRTEC for the last decade to help patients manage their worst indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms," said Ashley McEvoy, President, McNeil Consumer Healthcare. "It is the number one prescribed allergy medicine in the U.S. with a loyal patient base of nine million people. Now that ZYRTEC is stocked on store shelves, these allergy sufferers can easily get the 24 hour effective allergy relief they need, and for many, ZYRTEC will cost up to one-third less than prescription ZYRTEC."

ZYRTEC is available over-the-counter in 10mg tablets, 5mg and 10mg chewable tablets, and 1mg/mL syrup to relieve allergy symptoms of sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes for 24 hours. ZYRTEC-D 12-HOUR, which is available in stores behind the counter, combines ZYRTEC with a decongestant and provides the added benefit of relieving nasal congestion in a 12-hour extended release tablet.

"Now that ZYRTEC can be found in stores where over-the-counter medications are sold, allergy sufferers don't have to see an allergist or other healthcare professional before going to buy the treatment they need," said Anil Datwani, Pharm. D., AR-EX Pharmacy, Fords, New Jersey***. "It's great to have a new and effective treatment on my store shelves that will offer people needed allergy relief."