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AllerNotes Help Take Food Allergies Off The Table

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Scientistsestimate that 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies. For most, itmeans avoiding certain foods entirely, or face the risk of suffering severe oreven fatal reactions.

Now thosewith food allergies can find peace of mind by using AllerNotes, which arepre-printed, re-positional Post-It(R) notes that help alert others to anallergy issue.

"Wefind AllerNotes to be extremely helpful in the restaurant setting,"explains Julius Cohn, President and CEO of Out with Allergies, LLC, and founderof AllerNotes. "Once you explain your food allergy to the wait staff, youhand them an AllerNote to affix to your order to ensure that those preparingthe meal get the message about your allergy issue."

Cohn alsoadds that regardless of where someone is eating -- at a restaurant, a friend'shouse or any place away from home -- it's imperative that the allergy suffererFULLY inform the wait staff or host or hostess of their allergy issue. Inaddition, it is the allergy sufferer's responsibility to inquire whether or notthe food they are interested in eating has ingredients to which they may besensitive.

"Aproduct like AllerNotes, when handed to a waiter, helps ensure that what youare saying is getting across," says Cohn. "With the proper degree ofcare and caution, having an allergy should not prevent you from eatingout."

In fact,AllerNotes were born out of an incident at a restaurant where a young man witha severe nut allergy was served a dish that included the allergen despite alengthy conversation with the waitress about his need for a nut-free meal.While the waitress did not purposely ignore the information, it was apparentshe became too busy to pass the appropriate information along to the kitchenstaff.

"Hadthere been a visible reminder for the waitress, like an AllerNote, thesituation could have easily been avoided," emphasizes Cohn. "We say,'hand an AllerNote to your waiter, it may save a life.'"

AllerNotescome in convenient, multi-sheet pads and are pre-printed with the followingoptions:

-- NutAllergy

--Shellfish Allergy

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-- DairyAllergy

-- EggAllergy

-- WheatAllergy

-- SoyAllergy

-- FishAllergy

-- Write-in(generic) for all other allergies

--AllerNote Labels (for lunch boxes, composition notebooks, etc.)

AllerNotesare also available in a generic (write-in) form where a user can write in aspecific allergy such as latex, penicillin, garlic, etc.

"Inaddition to being a valuable tool to hand to a waiter, we also believe thatAllerNotes can be used to alert your child's teacher, mark your child's schoolrecords, hand to the daycare provider, or attach to your driver's license. Mostimportantly, we've designed these food allergy warning notes to be easilycarried in a purse or wallet," suggests Cohn. "AllerNotes can also beused subtly to prevent any embarrassment to the person with the allergy."

In additionto the re-positional notes, the company also offers AllerNote labels,semi-permanent stickers that easily affix to lunch boxes, notebooks, laptops,daycare or medical records -- any place appropriate for bringing attention toan allergy issue.