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Sinusitis, Allergy Suffers Now Have New Effective Form Of Relief

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Sinusitis is a chronic medical condition that can affect up to 37 million people each year. Most sinusitis and allergy suffers will become frustrated from the numerous treatments that they have used, including surgery, and had little to no improvement from. Well, we have good news for those suffers. With a 98% success rate, the Sinus Dynamics program has helped thousands of patients with allergies and acute and chronic sinusitis.

The Sinus Dynamics program is a unique form of treatment. Until now, nebulized treatment has generally just been used for asthma and other lung disorders. Sinus Dynamics uses this nebulized technology in a whole new way. Antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-inflammatories are nebulized directly into the sinuses using a 3.2 micron particle size to quickly and easily make it pass the inflammation of the sinus cavity lining and straight to the sinusitis infection. Nasal sprays have a much larger particle size than Sinus Dynamics medications which results in the nasal