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Allergies During the Holiday Season

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INDIANAPOLIS - When people think of the holiday season, the first thoughts that generally come to mind are not allergy related. But that is the case for approximately 50 million allergy sufferers.

Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, and allergy sufferers account for more than 8.4 million physician visits each year. Seasonal triggers can bring on allergies or allergy-like symptoms. Those who are allergy sufferers are recommended to be aware of the triggers that may cause reactions during the holiday season.

Triggers that can spark reactions during the holiday season include Christmas trees, odors and foods.

"A fresh Christmas tree has the potential to trigger allergy reactions," says Dr. William Baker, allergist of the pulmonary division at Indiana University Hospital. "The best way to prevent an allergic reaction from trees is dry out the tree before the decorating process begins indoors."

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The strong holiday odors, such as pine scented candles and various potpourri scents also trigger reactions for allergy sufferers. The odors from the holiday candles have a tendency to disrupt allergy sufferers' airways. Dr. Baker recommends for allergy sufferers to monitor the specific scents of all candles that are lit during the holiday season.

Hidden ingredients inside certain holiday foods also cause allergic reactions.

"Some common foods that may cause allergy reactions include fish, peanuts, wheat, various nuts and milk," says Dr. Baker. "Allergies do not have to limit one's life. The public needs to consult their physician and learn as much about seasonal allergies as possible. Education and correct treatments are the keys to maintaining a healthy and joyful holiday season."


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