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U.S. Can Dramatically Reduce Tobacco Use If Congress Grants FDA Authority Over Tobacco

Ending the Tobacco Problem: United States can eliminate tobacco use as a serious public health problem, but the main obstacle to achieving this goal has been a lack of political will, not a lack of proven solutions.

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MPAA Urged To Change Movie 'R' Rating Now To Protect Children And Teenagers

The recent announcement from the Motion Picture Association of America to "consider smoking" when rating movies does nothing to stop the proven impact that the depictions of smoking in movies has on the health of children and teenagers.

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Help For Arizona Smokers Looking To Quit As Smoking Ban Takes Effect

There are close to one million adult smokers in the state of Arizona. On May 1st, they will have an added incentive to quit as Arizona implements a statewide smoking ban that prohibits indoor smoking in public places and will require a 20-foot smoke free zone around entrances to businesses.

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750,000 Die In UK Corporate Social Responsibility Scandal

At the British American Tobacco AGM young activists from round the world gathered to turn the tables on the tobacco giant to highlight its disgraced marketing tactics and mark the company's contribution to the 5 million tobacco related deaths each year. In the words of one young protester,

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