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Tobacco-Free Cowboy to Ride into Montana Schools

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Smoking and school children

Utah rodeo journalist and health educator "Cowboy Ted" Hallisey will ride into Montana next week to encourage schoolchildren across the state not to use spit tobacco.

His visit is hosted by the Tobacco Use Prevention Program of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) as part of "Through with Chew Week," a campaign designed to prevent and reduce spit tobacco addiction in Montana.

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Cowboy Ted will tour schools to talk to kids about his eight rules for healthy living, which he equates with the eight-second rodeo ride. He will emphasize the risks of spit tobacco use.

"I want to reach kids with the message that spit tobacco is dangerous long before they ever start to use tobacco, before they become addicted," Hallisey said.

A recent survey of Montana high school students revealed that fewer than half believe that using spit tobacco puts one