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Cigarette Promotions Successfully Target Certain Groups

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Cigarette Industry

Promotional offers from cigarette makers are used by more than one-third of smokers, a new study finds, and are most likely to be used by young adults and African-Americans.

"Our results provide strong evidence that tobacco industry promotional offers are particularly appealing to certain market segments," say researchers led by Elizabeth A. Gilpin, M.S., of the cancer center at University of San California-San Diego.

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Menthol and Camel cigarette smokers, in particular, were "highly likely to say they took advantage of promotional offers every time they saw one," according to the study in the March issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Gilpin and colleagues analyzed responses from 4,618 current smokers in a 2002 California survey. Participants were asked how often they saw and took advantage of cigarette promotional offers, such as dollar-off purchases and multi-pack discounts.

Thirty-five percent of smokers reported using promotional offers every time they saw one. Those who smoked menthol (Newport or Kool) and Camel brand cigarettes