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Quitting Smoking? Take Some Helpful Hints

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If you are what they call a long-term smoker you have probably struggled with the questionWhy can't I stop? You may have been baffled by the very insanity of it all. You know you should stop. Any thinking intelligent person would stop. Why is it that you can't or won't stop this killing behavior. Especially as it is quite literally putting you on a fast and unstoppable train bound for the 'land of cancer.' There must be some more helpful hints for quitting smoking, that actually work.

Well let me clue you in that you are not crazy or insane, but rather it has been determined that nicotine is one of the most, if not the most, addictive substances on earth.

I can see your reaction could be, "All that's very interesting, but how does it apply to my life?"

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If you talk about smoking as an addiction, you cannot ignore that with nicotine all ten trillion of your cells become addicted very quickly. When this happens, you are very much in the situation of a skid-row alcoholic. Although it looks a bit prettier, you are fully hooked. Now unlike the skid-row addict, your life is not falling apart, so the impetus to get help for yourself is relatively mild. Meanwhile you have ten trillion cells in your body telling you not to get help. In their mini-consciousness, they will die if you quit smoking. And when every cell in your body has a message this strong, it's pretty hard to ignore it.

Do you, like so many of us, believe that one of the best helpful hints for quitting smoking is to taper off slowly? If so, you should think again. You see in nicotine addiction, as with many other addictions, the body actually grows myriad receptors to handle the overflow of the substance. The only job of these receptors is to take in the drug. Now if these receptors are not fed, they will begin to literally 'scream' for their drug. Now if you quit cold turkey, eventually the screaming will taper off. All you have to do is last it out. Which is the benefit of quitting cold turkey.

Now on the other hand, if you activate these receptors with even a tiny bit of their drug, they will become agitated tot the highest degree. The screaming will become manic, since they seem to know, even with their tiny mini-consciousness, that it is possible to get their drug. Therefore when you taper off nicotine, it is ten times harder to quit.

I am not entirely sure of the best method to quit smoking. Perhaps it is best to attack this from a body, mind, spirit perspective, and go to the 12 step program, Nicotine Anonymous. In this way you deal with the very real physical effects and obstacles, as well as the emotional, psychological ones. In addition you get to be with other people in your situation- which has its own merits. And certainly, if it saves your life, it is worth it.

There are also a lot of people who espouse the method of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The theory here is that since the brain and nervous system control the hands and the body- they could potentially over-ride the cells longing for the substance, as well as the receptors 'kicking and screaming' for it. But whichever method helps you to stop, be sure you never pick nicotine up again. Because if you do, you are bound to go right back down the road from whence you started.



If life without tobacco doesn't start feeling better than life with tobacco, there is little sense in staying the course. Only a masochist would choose a life of hardship and pain for the sake of a hollow vanity.