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Pfizer Anti-Smoking Drug Reports Serious Side Effects

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Pfizer's anti-smoking drug Chantix (varenicline) reported hundreds of serious side effects. Groups urge FDA for more investigation on Chantix, which is used to help to stop smoking.

A study by Safe Medication Practices and Wake Forest University reports hundreds of adverse side effects since 2006 launch of the drug. Among complications the study mentions vision problems, dizziness, confusion, and heart trouble.

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There were also reported cases of depression and suicide earlier in relation to Chantix, and FDA requested Pfizer to add warnings on labels in February 2008. At that time drug users were warned of possibility of impaired driving skills. This study urges Pfizer and FDA to conduct more studies to ensure the anti-smoking drug is safe for use.

Among adverse side effects FDA has reported 28 suicides, 41 homicidal thinking cases, 224 heart troubles, 525 hostility or aggression cases, 397 possible psychosis cases, and 173 serious injuries caused by traffic accidents.

Pfizer, however, declines the possibility of such side effects saying that all adverse side effects of the drug are clearly mentioned on the packaging. Besides, the company suggests that this study doens't prove that the complications definitely occur because of the anti-smoking drug use.

Chantix is an anti-smoking drug affecting brain receptor addicted to nicotine. The drug works by blocking nicotine effects on the brain, and it also help curb nicotine withdrawal.



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