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Group Flags Anti-Smoking Chantix Over Possible Heart Concerns

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Safe Medication Practices and Wake Forest University study shows that the anti-smoking drug Chantix used to help to quit smoking is associated with hundreds of reported problems since the drug's 2006 FDA approval that included blurred vision, dizziness, confusion and loss of consciousness.

"A drug-watchdog group has flagged serious physical side effects possibly linked to Pfizer's popular smoking-cessation medicine Chantix, casting a pall over a drug already dogged by psychiatric issues and shining the spotlight anew on the adequacy of the Food and Drug Administration's drug-safety monitoring."

On CNBC, which I was listening to at the time, they report it also as Breaking news from the WSJ. What was reported on CNBC was New side effects in people using Pfizer's popular smoking-cessation medicine Chantix. One reported side effect is: HEART TROUBLE or CARDIAC DISORDERS. HULIQ has the executive summary of Chantix warning study from Safe Medication Practices Institute.

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If you read the Outline below, you will see that in Fact these New Adverse Reactions are Already Known, Just Not reported to the Public. As most New Warnings , they are reported only when someone using the Drug has a severe reaction that is made public, and the reaction is related to the Drug. There is NO date on this report. However they do make this statement at the beginning:

"During the premarketing development of CHANTIX, over 4500 individuals were exposed to CHANTIX, with over 450 treated for at least 24 weeks and approximately 100 for a year. Most study participants were treated for 12 weeks or less."

So they did in fact know of these Newly reported Side Affects from using CHANTIX. Their Premarketing Development states this. They just didn't tell the public.