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E-cards Encourage Tobacco Users In Quitting

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WeDidItStory.com, a Web site promoting The TRUTH's "We Did It" campaign, has unveiled a new set of electronic greeting cards (e-cards) for users to send to their loved ones as encouragement in quitting tobacco.

The Utah Department of Health's (UDOH) "We Did It" campaign is the first of its kind to customize its messages to non-tobacco users. The campaign is based on the fact that tobacco users are 50 percent more likely to quit when they have social support. "The e-cards now available on the Web site may be that nudge people need to kick the habit," said Lena Dibble, media coordinator, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, UDOH. "They are a low-pressure way to remind a loved one that they have support in quitting tobacco."

Users choose from a selection of 10 e-cards, each one featuring a lighthearted message about the importance of quitting tobacco. One animated card features the 'Quit Smoking Genie' in an Arabian Nights scene with a genie's lamp.

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Visitors will see text appearing: "You've been working hard! And I want to give you some support, so I've sent you a little something." The Quit Smoking Genie then materializes out of the lamp. "It's the Quit Smoking Genie!" reads the text. "He doesn't do the wishes thing, but he's got lots of tips." Users can then rub (by clicking) on the lamp and quit tips appear on the screen. Some of these tips include "Two people are stronger than one. Ask for help!" and "Change your habits associated with smoking." Another tip directs the tobacco user to the Utah Tobacco Quit Line.

"We hope this new feature can serve as the link between the Web site and the tobacco user," said Dibble. "The TRUTH's e-cards are the perfect example of our message - that people truly do have power to help their loved ones quit tobacco for good."

About WeDidItStory.com

In just a short time, WeDidItStory.com has attracted more than 4,000 Utahns to the site and has captured international attention. While UtahQuitNet.com has already served as a direct resource for tobacco users, WeDidItStory.com educates people close to tobacco users on how best to be supportive through the quitting process.

The Web site offers practical guidance and tips to help loved ones quit and make homes and businesses smoke free, as well as success stories and information on tobacco trends in Utah. Tips on the Web site include informing employees of any cessation benefits available through one's company health plan, planning activities that avoid the temptation to smoke, and approaching leaders of local events or venues (i.e. rodeos, sports parks, fairs) to ask them to consider going smoke free.