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Smoking May Kill Millions In India

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About one million smokers may die annually in 2010s in India. Currently, smoking causes 900000 deaths a year and the number of sufferers is expected to increase.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a research done by 900 workers. The study examined 1.1 million homed from India and predicted increasing smoking rates, deaths associated with smoking.

Among examined Indians there are about 120 million smokers. One of ten deaths is associated with diseases mainly caused by smoking such as tuberculosis (38%), lung cancer (32%) and vascular disease (20%). Men who smoke bidi (hand made small size cigarettes typical for India) shorten their lives by six years. Men who smoke full size cigarettes shorten their lives by ten years. Women who smoke bidi shorten their lives by eight years.

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The study found that smoking cessation rates are too low. Only 2% of quitters quit before getting ill. The rest of smokers quit only after getting ill and having major disease strikes.

The study predicts that by 2010 smoking related deaths will count 20% of all male deaths and 5% of all female deaths among people aged from 30 to 69.

By 2010 about 61% men smokers of aged from 30 to 69 are expected to die, compared with 41% deaths of non smokers. About 62% women smokers of aged from 30 to 69 are expected to die, compared with 38% deaths of non smokers

Although, Indians start smoking at later ages compared to European and American smokers, they still suffer much. The report urges Indian Government to take measures to decrease smoking rates, by informing about smoking related illnesses and deaths, especially poor and illiterate population of the country.