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Stub It Out For 2008

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More smokers in Wales than ever before using cessation services. Smokers were today urged to make giving up their number one New Year's resolution by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Wales, following the success of smoking cessation services in Wales in 2007.

Dr Tony Jewell's advice comes after figures showed that 2007 has been the best year so far for Stop Smoking Wales, the service funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and provided by the National Public Health Service to help smokers quit.

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There was a 20 per cent increase in people wanting to give up in response to the introduction of smoke-free legislation, bringing the total number of people contacting the service to over 25,000 since 2004.

Around 70 per cent of smokers want to give up, and around half of those going through the Stop Smoking Wales programme succeed in quitting smoking for good - meaning they are four times more likely to give up with help than if they go it alone.

Dr Jewell said:

"While the number of adult smokers is falling, there are still 6,000 premature deaths each year due to smoking.