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Smoke Out Day Takes On Tobacco

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The American Cancer Society held its 31st annual American Smoke Out today, offering information on tobacco product's deadly risks and urging smokers to quit smoking.

In cities and at universities across the country the American Cancer Society and various advocate groups set up information booths and handed out brochures complete with photos of smoker's lungs and tip sheets on ways to quit.

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The group also urged smokers to call their Quitline - a free telephone counseling service - and visit their website which added new features such as the 'quit clock' and a 'craving stopper'.

"We urge smokers to learn more about quitting and make a plan to begin a smoke-free life," said Elmer E. Huerta, the Society's president in a website announcement.

According to Blue Cross-Blue Shield smoking kills 400,000 people a year and is the leading preventable cause of death. The Surgeon General reports that, regardless of age, those who quit live longer and are at reduced