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Ad Campaign To Go Until England Goes Smokefree

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A survey published by the Department of Health showed a high level of support for smokefree legislation.

A smoky atmosphere is the single biggest reason for avoiding a pub or bar.

And with only 50 days to go until smokefree England becomes a reality, the Government is launching a national advertising campaign to remind the public what the legislation will mean when it comes in to force on Sunday 1 July.

The survey of 1700 adults shows that 36 per cent of people cite a smoke-filled atmosphere as the main turn-off for going to a bar or pub, with the type of people who frequent the venue coming in second at 20 per cent. Over two thirds (67 per cent) of people would rather spend the evening in a smokefree venue, than one where smoking is allowed, and 91 per cent (including 83 per cent of smokers) now consider lighting-up in a non-smoking place unacceptable.

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Public Health Minister, Caroline Flint, said: "With only 50 days to go until England goes smokefree our aim is to ensure that everyone is aware of the new law, how it will affect them and what they need to do to prepare. Our snapshot survey shows that the majority of people know that smokefree legislation is coming, but almost half the population are not aware it comes into effect on 1 July.

"The campaign is a reminder to people of the date and gives examples of the range of locations which will be smokefree. It forms part of a comprehensive communications campaign to make sure that businesses and individuals understand what action they need to take.

"We are confident that with the support being provided by the Department of Health and by local councils, everyone should be ready in time."

The survey also reveals widespread support for the legislation. Findings include:

93 per cent of the overall population are aware that smokefree legislation is coming, however 45 per cent don't know that it comes into force on 1 July 2007 71 per cent of regular pub-goers support the legislation, as well as 76 per cent of the overall population 68 per cent of the population say that the legislation will not effect how often they go to the pub, 15 per cent say they will go more often and only 7 per cent will go less often (10 per cent were not pub-goers) 76 per cent of the population believe that going smokefree will have a positive effect on health

The TV ad, which runs on national TV for the first time on the evening of 14 May, shows an 'everyday' man walking through a variety of locations, including a cafe, pub, garage and office, which will all be required to be smokefree. He explains that from 1 July smoking will no longer be allowed in enclosed and substantially enclosed public places and workplaces. The ad finishes outdoors, in a pub garden.

Recent research carried out amongst businesses, showed that 41 per cent of businesses in England do not realise that smoking rooms will need to be closed and more than half (53 per cent) are unaware that work vehicles will also be covered by the legislation. The advertising forms part of a major campaign to prepare businesses and the public for 1 July, including a dedicated website and a mail-out of guidance to 1.7m businesses in England.