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Tobacco Industry Undermining The Basis of Trust in Science

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Bitton and colleagues publish in the current issue of Lancet further revelations about Tobacco Industry subterfuge employed to discredit scientific research, including work conducted at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and to target specific scientists.

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"The use of consultants, who fail to declare their associations with the tobacco industry, to publish purchased critiques of scientific research appears to remain one of the key strategic approaches of the Tobacco Industry" said Dr Peter Boyle, Director of the IARC. "Strategically coordinated attacks by hired guns, hiding behind undisclosed paid associations with industry, on the personal research of independent scientists by such means is at best unethical and at worst cowardly."

Mutations in p53 tumour suppressor gene have been reported in 60% of lung tumours. Work published from 1996 onwards, based to a large extent on IARC's p53 Database