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Butts of Hollywood Takes Aim at Cigarette Use

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Smoking In Movies

The Vermont Department of Health is launching its "Butts of Hollywood" campaign with two primary goals: to educate youth about tobacco use in the movies, and to inspire teens to think critically and start talking about what they are seeing onscreen.

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The youth smoking rate in Vermont is currently 16 percent, close to the Vermont Department of Health's goal of bringing the rate down to 15 percent by 2010. Exposing the influence of tobacco use in the movies could help reduce this number even further.

"The numbers are startling," said Sharon Moffatt, RN, MSN, acting commissioner at the Vermont Department of Health. "Nearly 4 out of 5 of all American movies, including those targeted to youth, contain scenes with tobacco use. And studies show that youth who see smoking in the movies are almost three times more likely to try cigarettes."

In an effort to reduce smoking among teens, the Department of Health funds Our Voices Xposed (OVX)