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U.S. Health Groups Warn Parents Of Toxic Tobacco Content In Hollywood Movies

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Smoking and Hollywood Movies

The movies deliver tobacco impressions estimated in the billions to young audiences annually and pose one of the gravest threats to U.S. teens. U.S. films bring in 30 percent of movie box office sales globally, so their toxic tobacco content is causing harm around the world.

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"Movies with tobacco recruit one-third to one-half of young smokers in the U.S. and studies overseas find similar effects on young people there," said Shelley Chanler, Tobacco Control Coordinator for the Rockland County Department of Health. "Hollywood is exporting toxic products and we have a responsibility, as American parents, to stop them."

One cartoon film now on DVD, The Ant Bully, includes forty-one scenes with tobacco, health monitors report. Since 1999, Hollywood has released 483 G/PG/PG-13 movies with tobacco, somewhat more than the 472 R-rated films with tobacco imagery . Together, these films