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Nicotine Patch Available Through Toll-Free Hotline

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit is helping spread the word about a study which could provide smokers who want to quit with free nicotine patches. Through funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is making 6-week treatments of nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patch) available to 11,000 Ontarians.

The free nicotine patches will be sent to current smokers who qualify for the Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Study. To find out if they meet the requirements for the study, individuals are asked to call 1-800-350-5305, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The campaign was launched on Monday, March 19th and will continue until all 11,000 doses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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"This is the second year that a mass distribution of free patches has been undertaken, and we know the supply won't last long," says Nancy Hamilton, Public Health Nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit. "This is a great opportunity for those in Middlesex-London who want to use a proven way to quit smoking without the expense."

In 2006, CAMH distributed 5-week treatments of nicotine replacement therapy to more than 13,000 smokers in Ontario and achieved a 6-month quit rate of 12 per cent among those who participated. Due of the success of last year's effort, the Ministry of Health Promotion made the decision to facilitate a similar program for 2007.

It is expected that the 11,000 nicotine replacement therapy packages will have all been spoken for by the end of the week.



i was looking to quit smoking i have tried before and i did it with the patches and they really worked for me but i only had a 3 month supply and i never touch a smoke during this time but when i ran out of patches about a week later i was back smoking i think if i had more patches i could do it. I was wonding if u guys could help me but sending me some patches i got the will power i just need some patches to try to quit [email protected] email me
I call the toll free number and alls it says it thank for calling bye, I thought it was to help not degrade us. I want to stop smoking but I need help I have tried the gum didn't help, tried cold turkey and this time I am really serious because my doc has been telling me for awhile cause my throat always hurts from smoking so I am wondering if I can get some patches to finally quit smoking, I am in the right frame of mind and no one else I know smokes so it will be easy that way , please help with this. Corey