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Dove Evolution: Perception Of Beauty

This is classic beauty. Dove shows how one can change the perception about beauty.

I don't know if most men like natural appearance or model-standards, but if you have a teenage daughter (or son) this is a video for them to see too. The images we are exposed to are not reality.

Very good cosmetic beauty and make-up show from Dove.

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Plastic Surgery - Should Ads Carry Health Warnings?

As plastic surgery becomes more and more accepted around the world, problems arise followed by outcry for strict regulations. Some countries have little to no regulation while others are extreme. Now Donda West case is pushing for some plastic surgery stricter regulations in California.

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Plastic Surgery Addiction Can Be Real Concern

Mostly women are the ones who think that a single plastic surgery isn't enough to correct the appearance of their face until they may consider that their appearance is perfect. May be this is why the lawmakers in California are pushing for stricter plastic surgery rules and regulations in the cosmetic surgery field.

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A Range Of Cosmetic Medicine Procedures For Any Age

BeautyforLife.com is the new interactive website where consumers can answer a few questions and receive a customized cosmetic medicine Beauty Plan. The website--a joint initiative of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)--is helping consumers understand and make educated choices among the full range of cosmetic medicine procedures.

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