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Revenge Surgery - Dr. Oz Weighs in on Lifting Breasts After Divorce

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In a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals to viewers a new trend in what is referred to as “revenge surgery” where women will go to plastic surgeons that offer "second-chapter" discount plastic surgery packages following a divorce. The question, however, is will lifting a woman’s breasts really raise her spirits; or, are some plastic surgeons just exploiting vulnerable women for their money?

Dr. Oz Scours Pinterest to Create Ultimate Girl's Guide for Beauty and More

Dr Oz

Pinterest is a social media site that lets you organize and share the things in life that you are passionate about, find interesting and want to share with the world. Best of all, Pinterest is a great way to learn first-hand from users of products and people who have found solutions to problems that apply to your daily life. As such, Dr. Oz has recently announced that he has scoured through Pinterest and created his Ultimate Girl’s Guide for beauty, health and more to share with his viewers.