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Erase Away Your Stretch Marks with These 3 Dr. Oz Stretch Mark Solutions

Stretch Marks

"Stretch marks - you hate them, but over half of you have them. So get ready to say ‘goodbye’ to stretch marks, because I have a new solution - a couple actually - to make them disappear," says Dr. Oz as he offers his stretch mark solutions that he promises will improve how your skin looks.

Revenge Surgery - Dr. Oz Weighs in on Lifting Breasts After Divorce

Doctors performing surgery

In a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals to viewers a new trend in what is referred to as “revenge surgery” where women will go to plastic surgeons that offer "second-chapter" discount plastic surgery packages following a divorce. The question, however, is will lifting a woman’s breasts really raise her spirits; or, are some plastic surgeons just exploiting vulnerable women for their money?