S.U.R.E You Want Cosmetic Surgery? New Safety Acronym

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Cosmetic Surgery Checklist

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (www.baaps.org.uk), the not-for-profit organisation established for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit, published a concise checklist for those considering aesthetic plastic surgery, entitled 'S.U.R.E'.

An innovative way of addressing safety concerns, the acronym was developed by the BAAPS to promote a sensible approach to what can be a life-altering decision. People may be still unaware of the risks associated with procedures performed by unqualified practitioners, and a reasonably basic check of the aspects involved should en'sure' a positive outcome.


According to Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and President of BAAPS;

We need to promote public education with regards to safety. Patients can still be lured in by inexpensive prices and unrealistic claims, thinking that they are getting a bargain, but actually putting their health at risk. It can take just minutes to scroll through this checklist, to prevent a lifetime of regret.

The SURE acronym