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Innovative Breast Surgery Looks To Improve Shape

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Breast Plastic Surgery

An innovative breast surgery designed by a Baylor College of Medicine in Houston surgeon focuses on shaping the breasts for better long-term results.

"There are a number of different techniques used for breast reductions, breast lifts," said Dr. Eser Yuksel, an assistant professor of plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at BCM. "The advantages of dermal suspension are better shaped breasts with better projection, and in some groups of patients we're able to eliminate the vertical scar used in the standard procedure," Yuksel said.

Yuksel places suspension sutures in key places on the body wall to help keep the shaped breasts in place. An internal support system is made from the patient's own skin, which would otherwise be discarded with the standard surgery. This provides an extra layer of support and is akin to the improved strength afforded by the structure of a suspension bridge. Other methods depend on the skin's elasticity, which can eventually cause the breasts to droop.

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Recovery time depends on each individual, but most patients are able to return to work after a week, he said. The complication rate is similar to the standard method.

Dermal suspension surgery is not only for women seeking relief from shoulder, neck and back pain caused by very large breasts, but also for those who want only cosmetic improvement of sagging normal size or slightly large breasts by lifting them.

"I believe that this new technique with its improved shaping and reduced visible scars, provides an attractive alternative to the currently applied surgical approaches," Yuksel said.