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Read My Lips

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Beauty and Lips

Lips are more vulnerable to the environment than any other part of the face. This means that keeping lips moist and sealed against the weather is essential. Whether cracked lips are responding to cold weather, an arid climate, or are just naturally dry, chapped lips are a pain. Cracking, flaking, and chapping are not only uncomfortable but also unsightly, and lipstick only seems to make the situation worse. Solving the dry-lips blues requires consistency and patience: it takes longer than a day to restore moisture to chapped lips, and even one day without treatment can drive lips back to dryness.

One common mistake is to wait until lips are dry and cracked before applying a moisturizing balm. Moisture balms should be applied periodically throughout the day, after eating, and before going to bed to achieve the best results. It is recommended to apply the moisture balm to a smooth surface - exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush when brushing your teeth. This will remove unwanted dry skin, and leave your lips smooth and ready for the moisture balm.

Applying a lip balm with SPF is important during all seasons, to protect the delicate lip skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A good one to try is RoC Minesol High Protection Lipstick which contains SPF 20. This moisturizing balm is recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association for providing effective coverage on over-exposed areas such as lips, ears and nose.

Moderate degrees of dehydration, caused by caffeine or alcohol, will also cause lip dryness. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day, and even more during hot weather or with increased levels of physical activity.

Over-working, stress, tiredness, or recent infections, all lower the immune system and make minor infections around the mouth and lips more likely. These can dry the lips out and affect the corners of mouth. In addition to lip balm use, regular exercise, and a healthy diet rich in vitamins C, E and B will help keep the immune system, and your lips in top shape.

There are some medical conditions where dry lips are one of the symptoms, so if the problem persists despite these simple measures, ask a GP for further advice.