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Sun Bathe With Oil: Virgin Olive That is!

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And You thought Virgin Olive Oil was only for cooking

APPLYING virgin olive oil to your skin after sunbathing protects you against skin cancer, claim Japanese scientists. Those researchers found that using virgin olive oil as an after-sun lotion slows tumor growth in mice. Our systems react very much as mice, so looks like it will work for you as well.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight creates free radicals, which damage DNA in skin cells and trigger abnormal growth, often leading to skin cancer. Insufficient internal antioxidants can prevent that damage. If you don't have them then it's bad news.


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Antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium and Omega 3's can mop up these radical rascals and protect against UV damage. So Masamitsu Ichihashi and his colleagues from the Kobe University School of Medicine decided to find out if olive oil, which is a potent source of antioxidants, provides UV protection.

They gave hairless mice three UV sessions a week under a sunlamp. Five minutes after the treatment, they painted one group's skin with either regular another with extra virgin olive oil and the third group none. After 18 weeks, control mice started to grow skin tumors, and mice treated with regular olive oil fared only slightly better than those without olive oil. But mice daubed with virgin olive oil took an extra six weeks to show any sign of cancer. Amazingly, when the tumors did appear they were smaller, less frequent and there was less DNA damage to skin cells.

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The researchers are quick to point out that olive oil isn't a sunscreen. But they claim that rubbing on olive oil after sunbathing could help protect skin from UV damage, while repairing damage as well.

It is suggested that you feed your insides sufficient minerals and antioxidants to fight the impending cancer cells from the inside out, then you won't need to worry.

Sun is a necessary part of health and every person needs at least fifteen to twenty minutes of direct sunlight daily, WITHOUT SUNSCREEN, to boost the immune system and prevent a host of other illnesses and disease. More than that would make it necessary to rub on the virgin olive oil. Read "You Are My Sunshine at

It is a known fact that skin cancer is simply an indication that the inside isn't given sufficient antioxidants in either foods or supplements to keep the free-radicals in check.
The sun is not the culprit, it's only an indicator.


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