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Neutrogena For Men - Start Sampling

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Neutrogena For Men

After a crazy week of business travel, I decide to simplify things and carry on my bag. Then I remember the 3 oz. Neutrogena liquids rule at the airport. Why 3 oz. anyway; is that the tipping point when hygiene products become explosive? I digress.

As I go for my last shot, I notice I’m picking up a barely touched tube of face wash … Neutrogena Face Wash for Men, to be exact. This product gained my loyalty after sampling it when working with Neutrogena a few years back. Love the stuff, so definitely not willing to just toss it. I offer it to my cameraman who’s local and not getting on a plane. He says, “No thanks. Soap’s all I need.” All I could think was, “Dude doesn’t know what he’s missing!” But, then a quick flashback reminded me … how could he know?

This seemingly inconsequential incident brought back memories of some unfinished business. Coming off that last project I had with Neutrogena, I also had the opportunity to pitch them a marketing strategy to penetrate the growing men’s personal care market – one of their under-performing areas. Then the usual holiday slow-down hit, followed by an un-usual slowdown – J&J, Neutrogena’s parent company, announced layoffs and any new marketing efforts were put on the back burner.

So, in the spirit of closure … Neutrogena, heed the Voice of Reason:

The men’s personal care market is still growing.

By 2012, U.S. retail sales of men's skin care is expected to increase more than 60 percent

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Neutrogena’s value proposition derives from being recommended by dermatologists

Dermatologists are trusted advisors for women; not so much for men.

The Reason begs the question – so who are trusted advisors for men?

My barber. So, how about a sampling program in barbershops across the country? Like most men, whether it’s about a bbq joint, tv show, or skin care product, my barber says, “Check it out.” I do.

My gym. So, how about Neutrogena Body Wash in shower dispensers at the local gyms? Let men use, and get used to, the product … then offer samples to take home. Going to the gym is all about routine … make Neutrogena part of that routine … too easy. In The Reasoning, we call this Ritual Selection.

Neutrogena, I’ll keep it simple … men are creatures of habit and don’t like change – ask any woman who asks her man to put down the toilet seat. You make quality products; just get ‘em in our hands … you can become one of those habits we don’t like to change.

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