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Guide To Minimizing Your Plastic Surgery Risks

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Plastic Surgery Risks

The recent death of Donda West, rapper Kanye West's mother, raised questions about the safety of plastic surgery. The factors contributing to her untimely death are still emerging and include concerns over her physician's lack of board certification and his decision to combine procedures in a lengthy surgery. "Patients should be reassured that Donda West's tragic outcome is unusual," said Dr. Tracy Hankins of Ariana Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. "Complications are uncommon if your surgery is performed in a safe manner," he emphasized.

Popular cosmetic surgery shows have given people the idea that only one surgery is necessary for a head-to-toe transformation. Dr. Hankins said that cosmetic surgery shows are a good way to increase people's awareness of plastic surgery's benefits, but may also dangerously skew a patient's expectations.

Dr. Hankins offered these tips to minimize plastic surgery risks:

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1) Verify your physician is board certified in plastic surgery. Board certification demonstrates that your doctor meets professional standards. "Most doctors certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery list that on their web site," said Dr. Hankins.

2) Seek several opinions. "Speak with several board certified plastic surgeons and understand that the most conservative recommendations may come from the surgeons who are most concerned with your safety and well-being," said Dr. Hankins.

3) Discuss how many surgeries will be necessary to achieve the result you want.

4) Ask your doctor to explain the risks associated with your medical background and profile. Your age, weight, and health are all factors.

5) Verify that your doctor is operating in an accredited facility.

6) Ask about post-operative care. If complications do arise, it is imperative that you seek care immediately.