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Ohio May Stop Dangerous Sales of Cosmetic Optical

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Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann on behalf of the Ohio Optical Dispensers' Board today filed six motions requesting temporary restraining orders and complaints for injunctions against businesses selling cosmetic contact lenses without a license, to prevent further sales.

"The 6 (six) businesses we filed TRO's against today are breaking the law by selling cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription and thereby endangering the vision of many Ohio citizens," Said Mr. Dann. "For this reason we asked Ohio Courts today for assistance in forcing these businesses to stop selling these contacts."

The 6 businesses are Banana Road in Athens, C&J Enterprise in Canton, Two Cousins and Two Cousins Beauty Supply in Cleveland, Costume Specialists in Columbus and VIP Sports, Toledo

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"Colored or decorative non-corrective contact lenses have become a popular element of Halloween costumes. While these devices can add a fun flourish to a costume, they can also result in devastating eye infections, scarring and even blindness. Prevent Blindness Ohio cautions that contact lenses should never be purchased without a current prescription or without the guidance of a licensed eye care professional", said Sherry Williams, President and CEO of Prevent Blindness Ohio.

The mission of the Optical Dispensers Board is to protect the public by regulating the practice of the dispensing of all contact lenses, whether worn for corrective or decorative purposes. Legally, all contact lenses must be purchased with a valid prescription. Black market decorative contact lenses have been made available to the public at such places as gas stations, beauty supply stores, and Halloween costume shops. These black market lenses are sold to the public without the benefit of a proper fit or education about the care and use of the contact lenses from qualified, licensed eye care professionals.

"Improper care and ill-fitting contact lenses may result in corneal ulcers and/or infectionsthat can lead to blindness," said Nancy Manns, Executive Director, Ohio Optical Dispensers Board. "The Optical Dispensers Board is committed to continue the fight against the illegal sales of contact lenses and will continue to work with Attorney General Marc Dann's office to stop this dangerous practice."

Prevent Blindness Ohio offers the following safety tips regarding cosmetic contact lenses: