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Consumer Safety Alert On Cosmetic Injectable Complications

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Cosmetic Injectable

Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety issued a consumer warning about complications arising from cosmetic injectable treatments offered in non-medical settings, by unqualified providers, and also warned about the use of substances that may be imported, unidentifiable and illegal.

A recent survey of Coalition member physicians reveals the following related to complications seen from cosmetic injectables:

-- 45% report complications seen resulting from an injectable administered by an unqualified provider

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-- 35% report complications seen resulting from an injectable administered in a non-medical setting

-- 32% report complications seen resulting from an unknown substance

-- 14.5% report a patient would not disclose the origin of treatment after suffering a complication

"FDA approved cosmetic injectables have a very safe track record with predictable outcomes in treating aging conditions of the face," says Coalition leader Ira D. Papel, MD, associate professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. "Complications are on the rise because the casual attitude and easy access to these treatments has taken them out of the medical office, put them in the hands of unqualified providers or non-physicians, as well as put black market and non-approved injectables on the market."

FDA approved cosmetic injectables are popular and growing with good reason: they offer safe, non-surgical means to improve facial appearance. The Coalition offers consumers these very simple questions to ask before considering any cosmetic injectable procedure:

-- Doctor: