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High Levels Of Selenium Prompt Dietary Supplement Recall

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Total Body Essential Nutrition of Atlanta is recalling three types of dietary supplements, because they contain high levels of selenium and chromium.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received 91 reports about adverse side effects of dietary supplements. The products were sold US wide, but the reports came from 9 states - Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Texas. Anyone using these products and having health conditions are encouraged to report about problems at health departments.

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FDA investigation found that dietary supplements contain about 200 times more selenium and 17 times more chromium than mentioned on the product labels.

Recalled dietary supplements due to high levels of selenium are Total Body Formula and Total Body Mega Formula. The first supplement reported health complications for Tropical Orange and Peach Nectar flavours, and the second product for Orange-Tangerine flavour. FDA advises everyone who has consumed these products to keep them outside of home in garbage.

FDA clarifies the lot numbers for recalled products: Total Body Tropical Orange lot numbers are 4016801, 4024801 and 4031801, Total Body Peach Nectar lot numbers are 4016802 and 4031802, Total Body Mega Orange/Tangerine lot number is 4031803.

Reported side effects occurred about 10 days after using Total Body Essential Nutrition dietary supplements. Selenium intake more than recommended is known to cause health conditions like 'fatigue, muscle cramps, joint pain, diarrhea, deformed fingernails, and hair loss'. Excess intake of chromium is known to cause 'failure, gastrointestinal disorders, chest pain, rash, dizziness, and headache'.



I would like to talk to people who took total body and was poisoned as- I was. phone 1-437-2840 or late evening 1-828-433-7783 Thank you.