Where Can I Get Tested for HIV Infection?

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Many places provide testing for HIV infection. Common testing locations include local health departments, clinics, offices of private doctors, hospitals, and sites specifically set up to provide HIV testing. To find a testing site near you, visit the National HIV Testing Resources web site at http://www.hivtest.org


Between the time of a possible exposure and the receipt of test results, individuals should consider abstaining from sexual contact with others or use condoms and/or dental dams during all sexual encounters.

It is important to seek testing at a place that also provides counseling about HIV prevention and AIDS. Counselors can answer any questions you might have about risky behaviors and ways you can protect yourself and others in the future. In addition, they can help you understand the meaning of the test results and describe what HIV/AIDS-related resources are available in the local area.

Consumer-controlled test kits (popularly known as "home test kits") were first licensed in 1997. Although home HIV tests are sometimes advertised through the Internet, currently only the Home Access HIV-1 Test System

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