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Combination, Order of Anti-HIV Drugs Make a Difference in First-time Recipients

Combination and order of anti HIV drugs are important factors when designing treatment strategies for patients new to antiretroviral therapy. Findings offer new insight into the most effective approach for treating previously untreated HIV-infected individuals.


Researchers Identify Better Hepatitis C Treatment for People with HIV

Just a decade ago treatment of HCV in persons infected with HIV was not a priority because they died from AIDS before developing serious complications of hepatitis C infection. As new anti HIV drug treatments extend the lives of HIV positive individuals, studies like this one provide essential guidance on treating other serious health problems affecting people living with HIV


Why do some people make statements that HIV does not cause AIDS?

Although the scientific evidence is overwhelming and compelling that HIV is the cause of AIDS, the disease process is still not completely understood. This incomplete understanding has led some persons to make statements that AIDS is not caused by an infectious agent or is caused by a virus that is not HIV.