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Recent Anti-Gay Remark To HIV/AIDS Nurses Proves Disturbing Pattern Of Discrimination, Homophobia

The group of HIV/AIDS health care advocates to lobby on looming changes for people living with HIV/AIDS, had no idea that Hays made his anti-gay sentiments known to a group of university students asking for support of an anti-bullying bill three months prior.


Africa: HIV/AIDS G8 Commitments will be honoured

The discussions with African representatives were "very honest, very open" German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the first working session on the last day of the Summit in Heiligendamm. US$60 billion have been pledged over the coming years to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

The Chancellor's message to the countries of Africa was this: "We are aware of our responsibility and we will honour our commitments." The G8 needed to "fulfil the promises we made," she said.


HIV/AIDS Situation In First Quarter Of 2007

Hong Kong Department of Health revealed that 91 people were tested positive for HIV antibody in the first quarter of 2007, bringing the cumulative total of reported HIV infections to 3 289.

There were 20 new cases of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) reported in the same quarter, bringing to 875 the total number of confirmed AIDS cases reported since 1985.


May 19 Is National Asian And Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

On National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we honor those who have dedicated themselves to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and education among people of Asian and Pacific Island heritage.

It is also a day to remember those whom we have lost to HIV/AIDS and to recommit ourselves to stopping this deadly disease from spreading within our communities.