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AVAC Launches Report On Female-Initiated HIV Prevention Methods

"Female-Initiated HIV Prevention: What Will We Learn From Upcoming Trials?" AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition: The report -- which was published by AVAC in collaboration with the African Microbicides Advocacy Group and the Global Campaign for Microbicides -- aims to assist people in understanding the implications of results from two trials on female-initiated HIV prevention methods. One trial, called MIRA, examines whether protecting the cervix with a physical barrier reduces women's risk of contracting HIV. The other trial looks at a microbicide candidate called Carraguard.


Vietnamese Government Issues Documents To Increase Access To HIV Care, Treatment

The Vietnamese government has issued a series of documents aimed at increasing access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment in the country in an effort to keep the country's HIV prevalence below 0.27% in 2007, the Vietnam News Agency reports. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung recently ordered health clinics, social welfare facilities, rehabilitation centers and prisons to provide medical check-ups, counseling, care and treatment to HIV-positive people, as well as funerals for people in their care who die of AIDS-related causes.


About 1.5M People Receive HIV Tests In Zambia

About 1.5 million people in Zambia have been tested for HIV, according to a recently released report conducted by the country's National HIV/AIDS Council, Xinhua News Agency reports. According to the report, Zambia, which has a population of about 11 million, has opened 550 HIV/AIDS voluntary testing and counseling centers.

Nongovernmental organizations also are providing similar services to support the government's efforts to increase HIV testing in the country, Xinhua News Agency reports.