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Bill Will Alter HIV Testing Requirements For Prison Inmates

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved by voice vote a bill (HR 1943) that would alter HIV testing requirements for federal prison inmates, CQ Today reports. Current federal law and Bureau of Prisons regulations require inmates sentenced to six months or more in prison to receive an HIV test if it is determined that they are at risk for the virus. The new bill is sponsored by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) (Itkowitz, CQ Today, 7/25) .


Puerto Rico's HIV/AIDS Treatment Program To Be Overhauled To Ensure Access

Puerto Rico's HIV/AIDS treatment program will be overhauled to ensure that people living with the disease have access to drugs without delays, Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila (D) announced on Tuesday, the AP/Fox News reports. According to Vila, about $78 million in federal and local territorial funds will be allocated to streamline the treatment program. Some of the funds also will be used to hire 23 additional employees -- including Jorge Delgado, an HIV-positive physician from California who will serve as the program's new director -- Vila said (Coto, AP/Fox News, 7/17).


Protein Accumulation Might Cause Side Effects In HIV-Positive People

Similarities between genetic conditions that cause early aging and side effects experienced by some HIV-positive people when taking protease inhibitors might explain the fat accumulation associated with the drugs, according to a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Reuters reports. Protease inhibitors can cause metabolic complications -- such as an unhealthy accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure and an increased risk of diabetes -- Reuters reports.


Malawi Health Officials Promote Voluntary HIV Testing

Health officials in Malawi are urging the country's sexually active residents to receive voluntary HIV tests during a weeklong national campaign that started on Monday, AFP/Sunday Times reports. In a statement released on Friday, health officials said statistics indicate that 15% of the country's six million sexually active residents have received HIV tests and know their status.