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HIV Testing Strategies Among High-Risk Groups

China Daily on Wednesday examined how health authorities in some Chinese provinces are making HIV tests mandatory for various high-risk groups as HIV continues to spread to the general public. Policymakers in the Hunan province in central China recently made HIV tests mandatory for massage parlor workers, and policymakers in China's Henan province gave the same order in 2006, China Daily reports.


Doctors Fired For Accidentally Infecting 10 Children, One Adult With HIV

Four Kyrgyz physicians were fired on Monday for accidentally infecting 10 children and one adult with HIV, according to the Republican AIDS Association, the AP/International Herald Tribune reports. Ministry of Health officials said the children and the adult contracted HIV while receiving injections and blood transfusions. The health ministry gave no other details, according to the AP/Herald Tribune.


Efforts Address HIV/AIDS, Hypertension In Black Community, Minorities

Florida HIV/AIDS Forum: The forum, hosted by Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) on July 28, seeks to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in the black community, the Broward Times reports. The forum, titled "Reclaiming Our Community: Combating HIV/AIDS in Our Backyard," will feature a panel of experts who will address the HIV/AIDS crisis (Lamar, Broward Times, 7/20).