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Papua New Guinea Should Expand HIV/AIDS Education In Rural Areas

Some HIV/AIDS advocates in Papua New Guinea have called on the government and aid agencies to extend HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns from cities and towns to rural areas to fight mistreatment of and discrimination against people living with the disease, AFP/Yahoo! News reports. Margaret Marabe, who works with the group Igat Hope, spent five months carrying out an HIV/AIDS education campaign in the country's remote Southern Highlands. She recently told reporters that she saw five people buried alive because they were living with HIV/AIDS (AFP/Yahoo! News, 8/27).


Pakistan's National AIDS Control Program Aimed At Raising HIV/AIDS Among Youth

Pakistani Health Secretary Khushnood Akhtar Lashari on Tuesday called on the National AIDS Control Programme to focus a new project aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness through the media on young people and high-risk groups in the country, Pakistan's Daily Times reports. Lashari discussed the project -- titled Delivery of Behavior Change Communication Services Through Television, Radio, Print Media and Interpersonal Communication Interventions -- at a meeting of NACP's technical advisory board to review the progress of the program's communication strategy.


Number Of HIV/AIDS Cases In Papua New Guinea Lowered

Data recently collected in Papua New Guinea indicate that fewer people are living with HIV/AIDS than previously estimated but that the disease is spreading more rapidly in rural areas, Health Minister Peter Barter said on Thursday, the AAP/Sydney Morning Herald reports. The new estimates -- which were collected by government health agencies with the help of overseas partners, such as AusAID -- indicate that HIV prevalence among people ages 15 to 49 is 1.28%, compared with the previous estimates of 2% (AAP/Sydney Morning Herald, 8/9).