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Minnesota Funds HIV Prevention Programs For Foreign-Born Residents

Three agencies have been chosen to receive state HIV prevention funding for programs designed to reach foreign-born residents in Minnesota who are most at risk for HIV. The grants were made by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in response to legislation passed in 2007.


New HIV Cases In Malaysia Decreasing

The number of new HIV cases in Malaysia has decreased since 2002, but the percentage of women newly diagnosed with the virus has increased during the same time period, Abdul Rasid Kasri, deputy director of disease control at Malaysia's Ministry of Health, said Monday at the 19th Asian Red Cross/Red Crescent HIV/AIDS Network Meeting, the New Straits Times reports (New Straits Times, 10/23).


AIDS-Related Deaths In Botswana Decreasing

AFP/Google.com on Saturday examined how Botswana is "living proof to other African countries" that HIV/AIDS "should not be regarded as a death sentence." Botswana President Festus Mogae in 2001 said that the country was "threatened with extinction" because people were "dying in chillingly high numbers." However, during the past five years since Botswana began providing no-cost antiretroviral drugs to people in need of treatment, 8.5% of HIV-positive people have died from AIDS-related illnesses, according to recent National AIDS Coordinating Agency estimates.


HIV/AIDS Will Hinder Namibia's Development Efforts Without Increases In Treatment

HIV/AIDS will continue to hamper Namibia's development efforts unless the country scales up treatment and prevention programs, according to a report released Wednesday by the United Nations Development Programme, IRIN News reports. The "single greatest threat to the expansion of human capabilities in Namibia today remains the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which, through its impact on mortality, is undermining human development objectives," the report said.


Percentage Of People Living With AIDS At Time Of HIV Diagnosis Higher In Rural Areas Of Japan

The percentage of people in Japan who already have progressed to AIDS when they are newly diagnosed as being HIV-positive is higher in rural areas than in urban areas -- a finding that highlights the discrepancies in the country's HIV/AIDS control efforts -- according to a study recently released by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Kyodo News reports.