Bulgarian President Condemns Libyan Ruling of the Nurses

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HIV/AIDS in Libya and Tripoli Court Ruling

I would like to express our deep indignation with today's ruling of the court in Tripoli in the trial of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor. We sharply condemn and firmly reject the death sentences ruled by the court.

Again, the indisputable evidence proving the innocence of our medical workers was not taken into account. The position of the international scientific community on the root causes and nature of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Benghazi was neglected. The numerous violations of the human rights of our compatriots were ignored.

All these reasons enable us to define the whole trial as fully discredited.

The sentencing to death of our innocent compatriots and of the Palestinian doctor covers up the real causes for the occurrence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Benghazi.


We urge the Libyan authorities to intervene immediately and in the name of the simplest justice to rapidly reconsider and reject these absurd penalties and to release the Bulgarian medical workers and the Palestinian doctor.

We appeal to the whole international community to firmly condemn the court ruling and to insist before the Libyan authorities for release of our medical workers.

We are grateful to our friends and partners, human rights activists, experts in the field of HIV/AIDS, non-governmental organizations and others who share the just Bulgarian cause. We believe that this support will continue in future as well.

We recall Bulgaria's initiatives and assistance for improvement of the medical care provided to the children and families affected by the tragedy with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Benghazi.

The Bulgarian state and the public will fight all the way for the release of Valya, Valentina, Christiana, Nassya and Snezhana and for their return home.