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Africa Lacks Funding For HIV/AIDS Research

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Africa has educated researchers and enough HIV/AIDS history background to offer HIV and AIDS treatment methods, but at the same time African researchers never receive enough funding to conduct proper research on the disease.

There is no cure for HIV yet, but only anti-retroviral therapy - a combination of certain drugs - that slows down the disease progression. The disease mutates quickly and the combination of drugs needs to be monitored and modified regularly to adjust the disease. The therapy is very powerful for those who detect the symptoms of HIV/AIDS virus early.

However, anti-retroviral therapy is very expensive. Most HIV infected patients in developed countries have access to it, but African population doesn’t: drugs are very expensive, and people in Africa even avoid to receive a HIV test because they do not have hope for fighting it.

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Indeed, researchers worldwide are actively conducting studies to find HIV treatment. They mostly use Africa as a trial lab to test newly discovered treatment methods. African researchers themselves have a great potential to conduct their own researches in their own countries where they are better aware of virus mutation and the way population reacts on new medications and therapies.

Pharmaceutical market is also closed for African researchers because pharmaceutical companies will better benefit from the drugs they develop, rather from the ones developed by African researchers. The latter don’t have enough resources to develop and try drugs on their own.

Most African researchers migrate to developed countries because of lack of funding. They start working in other countries, while they could do more in Africa to improve the situation about AIDS and HIV.

The first thing Africa needs to improve is the way its researchers write fundable research proposals to drive HIV funding. If got improved, researchers can receive enough funding to conduct their own researches. Research facilities and laboratory equipments are also very important for Africa to have because there is now actually no place to conduct trials.

Although African researchers are educated, they still need good research trainers to develop powerful research teams. However, the most important thing Africa lacks is political strategy to protect, support and push scientists and HIV/AIDS researchers locally.



In time everything will be ok ... trust me ... HIV won't defeat us .... thats a promice from me