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Bronx Gets Tested For HIV: Free

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New York City health department plans an initiative to give free HIV tests to everyone living in Bronx. This decision comes right on time as yesterday reports came out that New York residents have the highest rate of practicing unsafe sex.

The Bronx HIV free testing project is planned for



When i learned that my area had the most people with aids.I was up site.I live in the Bronx & i know a lot of young people don't have the right roll models to help them in life. i read what some wrote about the Bronx & that isn't true. my mother spoke to me about sex when i was younger before i started having sex. I'm 24 years old & i have one year daughter. The Bronx has a lot of people that are on drugs & most of them are the once that has HIV. its sad to say that whom every wrote this about the Bronx most have met someone one who is on drugs. Everytime i go to the clinic i take an HIV test & its always neg. i think peoples should talk about sex more often so that the young people could be safe. many people where born with AIDS & they don't know because there parents didn't tell them or they where token away from their parents
First, I would like to commend you on speaking out. I'm proud that you are tested annually but are you practicing safe sex? It saddened me to see that you are 24 years old and cannot spell properly. I am not a teacher. These errors stood out like an injured thumb. up site? x it should have been "upset" Roll model? x it should have been "role model" most of them are the once? x it shoud have been most of them are the "ones" whom every? x it should have been "whomever" there parents? x it should have been "their" parents they where?x it should have been they "were" token away? x it should have been "taken" away. Of course there are other grammatical errors. You don't seem to be aware of when it's appropriate to use the possessive. e.g. it's instead of its. The system lists me as being anonymous. My name is Lady Jay.