LifeCycle Raises Money To Fight AIDS

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This year's LifeCycle/AIDS is the biggest one raising money to fight against AIDS.

This is the seventh annual LifeCycle involving 3000 participants - 2500 cyclists and 500 roadies. The cycle is aimed at passing 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days.


This Sunday cyclists passed through Santa Cruz. They have already raised about $12 million San Francisco AIDS Foundation and L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. The minimum amount of money raised by each rider was estimated as $2500, but this year's average topped $4000. This year's ride was the only one when organizers had to stop registration process because of too many people willing to participate.

This event is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser aimed at collecting money to fight the deadly disease. It has collected about $40 million since its beginning 6 years ago. However, cycle organizers mention that the cycle not only raises money to fight the disease, but also raises awareness about the disease.

Cycle participants are not only the ones affected by the disease. There are also lots of people who are healthy, but they do what they can to fight HIV/AIDS.

Currently, HIV/AIDS affects about 160000 Californians. Gays, bisexual, and black men are the ones at higher risk. About 73% of cases occur among gays and bisexuals, and about 19% of cases occur among black men.


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