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Triple-Drug Therapy Best For HIV Treatment

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Triple-drug therapy, including older drugs, is found to be the most effective for HIV treatment.

A study by researchers from University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania examined 753 people from 55 countries. The study compared two three-drug therapies with a two-drug therapy and found that triple-combination therapy based on older drugs is the most effective.

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The best combination included oldest antiretroviral drugs approved by US drug regulators. One of these drugs was efavirenz, which is believed to be the best for HIV patients. However, the drug is too expensive for developing countries, which mainly consume nivarapine. Nivarapine is also an approved drug showing significant effectiveness, but it's still preferred to use the best drug.

Researchers urge the need of taking efavirenz's price down to make it available to developing countries as well. Besides, the drug is used in the combination with other drugs, so the price cut should be considered.

There is no cure for AIDS yet, and there are lots of new HIV drugs coming to slow the disease progression down. Health professionals are trying different combinations of antiretroviral drug trying to find the best solution. Therefore, this study comes as a great help to solve a problem of choosing the best drug combination for patients suffering from the deadly disease.