Ukrainian Health Ministry Approves Measures Aimed At Combating HIV/AIDS

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TheUkrainian Ministry of Health recently approved a set of measuresaimed at combating HIV/AIDS in 2008, the Ukrainian News reports.The measures were written as part of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko'sinstructions to draft and approve a national HIV/AIDS program for 2009 to 2013(Shpakovskyi, Ukrainian News, 1/23).

Yushchenko in December 2007 ordered ministers in the country's Cabinet todevelop measures for conducting large-scale HIV prevention programs, as well asfor providing access to HIV testing and treatment. Yushchenko also called onthe Cabinet to increase the work of the National Council for FightingTuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, as well as to improve the system that registers andpurchases medicines, such as antiretroviral drugs. In addition, the governmentwas instructed to ensure the creation of an advertising campaign aimed atpreventing HIV, as well as to take steps aimed at developing partnerships withinternational donor organizations (KaiserDaily HIV/AIDS Report, 12/14/07).


Under the measures, the health ministry's department of public procurements andthe Committee for Combating HIV/AIDS and Other Socially Dangerous Illnesseswill draft proposals aimed at improving legal documents that regulate statefunds for health supplies and health care workers. The committee along withother organizations also will draft proposals on the placement of publicadvertisements aimed at preventing HIV, as well as the funding for such ads.

The measures also call for several agencies to draft proposals aimed atincreasing cooperation with international donor organizations in an effort tobolster donor funding for HIV/AIDS programs in Ukraine. In addition, the measurescall for proposals on ways to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and education;increase the number of physicians at medical facilities; and review standardprocedures for personnel at facilities that provide HIV/AIDS services, the Newsreports (Ukrainian News, 1/23).

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