New Book Encourages Christians To Join Fight Against HIV/AIDS Pandemic

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The AP/Carroll County Times on Friday profiled the new book "Dangerous Surrender" -- written by Kay Warren, wife of Saddleback Churchpastor Rick Warren -- which encourages Christians to help fight theHIV/AIDS pandemic. In the book, Warren recounts traveling toMozambique, Cambodia, the Philippines, Rwanda and other countries;meeting AIDS orphans and women living with the virus; and learningabout the vulnerability of child sex workers.


Warren said shehopes to break down barriers that have prevented conservativeChristians from becoming involved in HIV/AIDS issues, the AP/Timesreports. "I hope this book is disturbing to people," Warren said. Sheadded, "There are situations in the world that I cannot tolerate forone more second. I think there are some people who won't get past thefirst few chapters." According to Warren, the book is "not a lightread. For some people, it will come at the right time for them."

Warrensaid that although the U.S. government can make HIV/AIDS a nationalpriority and that businesses can provide money for advocacy work, thechurch can be particularly successful promoting behavioral change, the AP/Timesreports. The Warrens three years ago began organizing the annual GlobalSummit on AIDS and the Church at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest,Calif. The Warrens also have developed an approach calledS.L.O.W./S.T.O.P., which means that to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS,they support correctly using condoms, reducing the number of sexualpartners, providing needle-exchange programs and promoting abstinenceuntil marriage.

"If people are infected, they need to beembraced and valued and receive the love of relationship in thechurch," Warren said, adding, "Churches can reduce the stigma" (Zoll, AP/Carroll County Times, 1/4).

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