Number Of Estimated HIV/AIDS Cases In China Increases

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The number of estimated HIV/AIDS cases in China has increased to 700,000, according to a report scheduled to be officially released on Saturday by UNAIDS and a committee under China's State Council, the AP/ reports (Sanderson, AP/, 11/29).

The report was based on work carried out by UNAIDS, the Chinese government and the World Health Organization.


According to the report, there were an estimated 50,000 new HIV cases in 2007, the majority of which occurred among injection drug users and commercial sex workers.

"China's HIV epidemic remains one of low prevalence overall, but with pockets of high infection among specific subpopulations," the report said (AP/, 11/29).

The report found that 44.7% of the new cases occurred through heterosexual sex and that 42% occurred from injection drug use. It also found that 12.2% of cases occurred among men who have sex with men, while 1.1% of cases were through mother-to-child transmission. China's Ministry of Health said there were 223,501 confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS in China last month, compared with 183,733 reported at the same time last year (AFP/Yahoo! News, 11/29).